3rd May 2024

There are a range of significant historical anniversaries coming up this year and in 2025 for us to celebrate, reflect and shine a spotlight upon. Archival footage captures pivotal historical moments dating back centuries, transporting us back in time to hear stories from the past, highlighting cultural and society changes and how technology has evolved over time.  
Weaving archive footage into television and film productions brings stories alive, taking the audience into people's homes throughout the decades, documenting streetscapes or urban lives and historic battle scenes from World Wars.  
This blog is part one of two, focusing on 2024 historical anniversaries. We have highlighted a selection of clips from our archive for these anniversaries. If you are interested in finding more clips like these or would like us to help you find footage for your upcoming projects, send an email so we can discuss. 
9th May: 150 years since Howard Carters birth, 9th May 
King Tutankhamen's tomb is officially opened, 5th March 1923
6th June 1944: 80 years of the Normandy D-Day Landings 
A selection of clips from our Moments in History collection

19th June 1964: 60 years of the Civil Rights Act
The signing of the Civil Rights Act: 1964 
Civil rights Marchers being ambushed in the USA

13th August 1899: 125 years since Alfred Hitchcock was born
Alfred Hitchcock promoting ‘The Birds’ 
Selection of Hitchcock clips   

9th November 1989  35 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall  
25 years of the Berlin Wall 
Thousands of East Germans flood through the newly breached Berlin Wall
30th November  150 years of Winston Churchill 
Clips of Winston Churchill, 1946 
Churchill on battlefields