The Reuters News Archive is home to over 1 million licensable clips, spanning from 1896 all the way to present day. Access historic newsreels from Visnews, Gaumont Graphic, Gaumont British, Empire News Bulletin, British Paramount and Universal Newsreels.

A British publicly-owned broadcaster that began transmitting in 1982 and includes Channel 4, More4, E4 and Film4. Known for its cutting-edge and controversial shows, highlights include Dispatches, Great British Bake Off and Trainspotting.

Channel 5 is a British commercial television network. It was launched in 1997, and highlights include Big Brother, Extraordinary People and The Gadget Show.

This prestigious archive represents some of the golden moments from the Academy’s acclaimed history across film, television and games. The collection includes ceremony events, red carpet footage, as well as exclusive interviews and lectures from some of the industries’ greatest.

Moments in History brings the most iconic stories of the 20th Century to life in HD. Breaking news and speeches that changed the course of history, chart the fall of empires, the rise of politicians, the spread of civil rights, the growth of opportunity and optimism that marked the first filmed century.

Warner Bros. Television Productions UK is a British creator and distributor of television content. The Group produces long-running television brands in drama, factual, documentary, factual entertainment, and history. Highlights include Who Do You Think You Are, First Dates and The Voice.

Headquartered in Hong Kong since 1903, the South China Morning Post is a leading news media company that has reported on Hong Kong, China, and Asia for more than a century with global impact. SCMP has its own video hub, which consists of its original series, covering hot topics in Hong Kong, China, and Asia, including business, lifestyle, sports, and more. These videos convey SCMP's take on local and international headlines, as well as cultural topics like food, music, entertainment, and more. In addition, SCMP photo archives have coverage dating back to the early 20th century and have over 1 million photographs, including exclusive headlines, valuable black and white photos of Hong Kong streets, local scenery, architecture and remarkable historical events..

Iker San Martin is a photographer and film maker who, adventurous by nature, has travelled around the world recording the people and places he encounters. We are proud to represent his library of thousands of full HD stock shots: from the breath-taking mountains of New Zealand, to ceremonies in glittering Buddhist temples of Thailand and even a hair-raising cliff diving competition in Spain.

An extensive assortment of access-only music videos, from 80s cheesy pop to 90s hip-hop and much more, this collection contains classic hits as well as some lesser-known gems.

PA Media is the UK's leading provider of multimedia content and services, delivering Newsroom-ready stories from across the country.

Thanks to a chance discovery by his granddaughter of 400 film reels, the archive of Harry Birrell, an amateur filmmaker who captured much of his life on camera, was bought to light. The 16mm and 35mm films span from 1918 to the 1980s, including wonderful colour footage of the 1930s and fantastic travelogues. Particularly notable is footage from his time serving in the Indian Army during the World War 2 Burma Campaign, which is accompanied by the detailed diaries he kept throughout.

SWPictures films make an impact, get people talking and change hearts and minds. For more than 30-years SWPictures has produced provocative and original films. At the heart of the company is a central journalistic ethic. After years of reporting from war zones and producing independent docs, company founder Scott White teamed up with leading film-makers to produce bespoke observational and investigative docs for broadcasters on the burning issues of the day.

WildlifeDirect was founded in 2004 by prominent Kenyan conservationist Dr Ricahrd Leaky with the aim of providing a voice to African conservationists and in turn to raise awareness and funds to protect wildlife as an important global heritage. As part of their work, WildlifeDirect produced Wildlife Warriors, a TV series about Kenyan wildlife heroes at the front line, and the species that they are saving.

HUTC was formed in 1993 and provides a wide range of content, specialising in light entertainment news. The HUTC Footage Archive Library contains a wealth of eye-catching imagery, covering an array of sports, a vast range of British cultural and 'eccentric' footage, as well as human interest stories that are a little off-kilter or quirky. Some of our favourites from the archive include Quidditch World Cup and Extreme Ironing. They have managed to establish a unique international reputation for providing unusual and fun footage clips, and as such their content is regularly featured on NBC, BBC News, ITN, and ZDF, among others.

An eclectic library of historical events and personalities from 1895-1968, covering American and British social history, Classic Hollywood and B-movie trailers, silent comedy shorts, and feature films of every genre. Highlights include the Mountbatten Collection, The Royal Collection.


Historic Films' collection of stock footage spans the years 1895 to 2010 and consists of over 50,000 hours of news, lifestyles, travel, fads, fashion, home movies, celebrity "red carpet" events, vintage TV programs, commercials, interviews, silent films, training films, military films, industrials and cartoons, all logged and ready to roll into your production.

A spectacular collection of travelogues, educational and industrial films from all corners of the earth - many of them in colour - between 1900 and 1970. Predominantly shot on 35mm, it includes the work of renowned travel filmmakers such as Burton Holmes, Andre de la Varre, and James A. FitzPatrick, as well as footage shot by many other itinerant cameramen.

A unique and extensive collection of films on British Social History throughout the 1940 to the 1970s. Family, leisure, and shopping along with quirky industrial, agricultural and healthcare films mostly in full colour and unusually high quality, giving a real sense of life as it was lived in pre 1980s Britain. This rich and varied archive includes films documenting the development of the Gulf states from 1950s and a fabulous collection of full colour commercials.

A rare collection of amateur films shot by a member of the aristocratic Mountbatten family during the 1920s and 30s. The films follows them on a world trip through Stalinist Russia, Nazi-controlled Germany and includes stunning footage of a Jewish market in pre-WW2 Warsaw. The films also feature the lighter side of life, and their celebrity friends such as Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Barbara Cartland and Charlie Chaplin.

A funky look at breakdancing and early hip-hop videos including performances by Run DMC. Holman was the creater of the New York City Breakers, the legendary B-Boy dance crew, and created the first Hip Hop TV show, 'Graffiti Rock'. This collection features the first ever B-Boy film ever made, shot primarily on Super 8. Mainly from 1980s, there are also some great shots of NYC.

This collection features some great lifestyle documentaries, stock shots, celebrity profiles, commercials, and a lot of film trailers. New clips are being digitised and added to the collection regularly. Also featuring GVs of life in Britain and the trends of the time, there is a strong focus on war, cars, and planes.

A great collection of home movies and travelogues from 1930s–1960s, one can see the build-up to WW2 around Europe, as well as venturing across to NYC and Miami. Other highlights include an interview with Ronnie Biggs, who was part of the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

The Henry Wyndham Collection is a stunning look inside the life of the British aristocracy which has been newly digitised into 4K. These home movies extensively feature the Windsors and other royalty, with a very young, relaxed Princess Elizabeth frolicking freely in Balmoral as a standout star.

A truly eclectic mix of archival and contemporary genres which include aerial cinematography, aviation, advertising, early cinema, documentaries, educational shorts, feature films, newsreels, slapstick, travel and more. Covering almost every genre, this collection has excellent content from the early 1910s to present.

A small and rather niche selection of rushes from various productions including Martin Parr films. Other themes include British past-times, such as regattas and village fetes, as well as the reaction to Princess Diana’s funeral.

A small, UK-centric collection which features street party celebrations and decorum in a Northern English town, from the 1953 Coronation to the 1977 Silver Jubilee.

Home movies and travelogues from the 50s and 60s, it mainly depicts London at this time and caravan holidays around the UK, but also ventures farther into Europe.

A small but striking collection, consisting of a documentary about Castro, Cuba and the 1959 Revolution, as well as Soviet war era films from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

This collection contains just one film; colour footage of the Spanish Civil War shot from Franco’s side, a fascinating propaganda documentary showing military activities and daily life at the time.

Various travel shots and home movies from around Britain. Highlights include stunning colour rushes from 1952 Coronation, the first Royal tours around the Commonwealth, and kitschy soft-core blue movies.

Mainly from 1930-1950, this archive contains some great shots of Canada, specifically Quebec in the winter. It also includes GVs of Britain from small villages and London, as well as a 1930s ski-instruction video.