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A basic search will use the key term entered to search through metadata fields associated to each archived record and return results on a hitlist page.

To perform a basic search:

  1. Enter a search term into the search bar.
  2. Press the search icon or hit return on your keyboard to perform the search query.
  3. The results will be returned on a search results page.
  4. Filter the results by selecting the fields on the left side of the page. 
  5. Use the 'Sort by' drop down filter at the top of the page to display the results by date/relevancy.
  6. Use the page numbers and the 'Next' and 'Last' links at the top and bottom of the page to browse more pages if more than one page of results is retrieved.

To perform a more advanced search:

  1. "" Use quotation marks to search for the exact phrase only
  2. OR will retrieve results where either of the words appear in the metadata
  3. AND will retrieve only the records that contain both words
  4. NOT will return records that do contain the search term

For any other queries about how to search, please see our 'Help' page.

Yes! We have a team of skilled and experienced researchers who will be happy to help find the perfect clip, please contact us if you have research requests.

Our team can supply undigitized footage on request, occasionally charges will occur.

Not all material is available to download, please contact us if you require any screeners that are not available to download.

Some films don’t have audio, either due to the early date or occasionally due to technical issues.

Our clip descriptions are based on the notes written by the cameramen and editors at the time they were filmed. This information wasn’t always accurate and some details are missing. Due to the sheer number of films in our collection, we can’t always correct these errors. If a film does not play, the wrong film plays, or if there are any other technical issues, do let us know and we’ll do what we can to fix it.

If you have found the footage you are looking for, please contact us (mailto:info@screenocean.com) with information about which rights you would like to license for rates. Some clips are available to purchase online for certain uses only.

Licence fees vary depending upon the nature of the project. Price is calculated based on the duration, usage terms, territories and period.

The web browsing and downloadable screeners are low resolution HLS files with burnt in timecode (BITC).

Varying file formats may be available on request depending on the age and content of the footage.

Depending on the date, device and several other factors, the quality and resolution may vary.

Screenocean can offer bulk deals and extended access for customers. Please contact us' to discuss your requirements.

Clearances vary depending upon the type of project. Although the majority of our footage does not require further clearances, our expert team can guide you through the clearance procedure if you have any queries.

Master material can generally be turned around in hours.

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