29th March 2023

All businesses have been re-focusing their activities as we adapt to the new reality and changing market conditions. At Screenocean, we have been monitoring industry trends and analysing incoming requests to identify some new opportunities. 

  • More subscriptions to VOD & SVOD platforms have created demand for new productions
  • Existing products are being adapted to meet new requirements, e.g. re-edited or taken to new platforms
  • Archive-based projects are replacing reality shows and good quality stock shots are replacing filming on location   

How we can help your business?

  • We help to develop new productions faster and at lower cost with our online archive, bespoke licence agreements and competitive rates
  • We re-license archive footage used in existing productions quickly, efficiently and affordably
  • We upgrade rights to your productions, so they can be sold to new platforms and new media

Contact us to agree a plan of action.
What else is new?
Working remotely has had its challenges, but the vast majority of our footage is digitised and online accessible 24/7.
We are continuously working to improve our service by adding new collections and upgrading our technology to help researchers get more material more easily from one place:

  •  We have launched our e-commerce capability – you can now buy some footage directly from our site for digital use
  • We are licensing Reuters pictures alongside video packages, making it easier to get your material from one source
    We have added new collections including PA Media and our first ever stock footage collection, featuring over 9k clips of beautifully shot scenics from independent cameraman Iker San Martin

It is encouraging that the crisis has brought the production community into a deeper spirit of collaboration with the aim to ride out the challenges together. The Screenocean team is here to help you. We are a global footage provider with headquarters in London, UK and sales teams based in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Johannesburg. We specialise in rare and inspiring footage and imagery and will work with you to find the clips you are looking for, as well as suggesting alternatives to ignite your inspiration and make the unfindable, findable. Why not get in touch to discuss your current projects?      

Originally published: 04/06/2020