29th March 2023

The creators of TimeGhost have teamed up with the world-renowned heavy metal band, Sabaton, to create Sabaton History, an innovative way of bringing history to life through their music. 

Sabaton are a Swedish band with a great love of history; almost all of their songs are about military history and are extremely educational. We are delighted to be working with them to provide archival footage to bring the stories of their songs to life. 

The Sabaton History Channel covers the real history behind one Sabaton song every week. Indy Neidell, historian and producer of THE GREAT WAR (to this date the biggest ever online historical documentary), guides you through the historical background and the guys in the band tell you what their songs mean to Sabaton. Publishing the history behind each song week by week is not only bringing this historical detail to Sabaton’s existing fan base but now reaching a completely new audience, receiving over 500,000 views a month.

Originally published: 07/01/2020