28th March 2023

When you see history unfold over days or weeks in real time you can really engage with complex stories; how people lived their lives and how those lives and ideas evolved. Real-time or chronological documentaries are an exciting new way of learning about the past. 

To mark the centenary of The Great War, the TimeGhost founders created the first-ever global real-time interactive documentary, available to view on YouTube. 

Screenocean is proud to be TimeGhost's main partner for archive footage and is excited to see some new and innovative ways of using archive. We've put together a showreel of some of the materials used to tell the story of 'TimeGhost - World War II' so far. 

With several videos per week, the show followed WWI from beginning to end on the 100th anniversary and has collected close to one million followers on YouTube. These followers also made the show financially viable by contributing micro-funding on the crowdfunding site Patreon

Following the success of the series and at the request of subscribers, TimeGhost is now covering WWII, the world's deadliest conflict week by week, blow by blow. 

In each weekly episode, Indy Neidell - Historian and Actor, presents the events that took place using actual footage from the conflict. It's a unique and fascinating way of telling intricate stories. You can check out the series on YouTube and you can support TimeGhost on Patreon or at TimeGhost TV so they can keep making original programming. 

Originally published: 15/02/2019